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What do you wear when you're pregnant?

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Walking through Topshop, I wander into their maternity section. The prices are pretty high but the clothes are beautiful. But then I think about how long you’re actually going to wear them and have to wonder, is the price worth it?

Most pregnant mothers can get away with the first three months in regular clothes, but what happens after that? While the celebrities splash out on designer maternity outfits, most of us can’t afford a whole new wardrobe just for 6 months of wear. A friend of mine advises to buy one maternity outfit in each style, formal, evening and day time. This way, you’re only spending money on three new outfits but always have something to wear. She also advises to splash out on a really comfortable pair of maternity jeans. These are great for after the birth too as they stretch to fit whatever size you are and are very discreet about being maternity style.

One of the questions that arises when you’re wondering how much to spend on maternity wear is, do I plan on having another baby? If the answer is yes then it might be worth spending more now as you’ll be able to get more wear out of them. If it’s no, it might be wise to look to other avenues for your clothes instead of the high street.

Speaking to some pregnant friends, they’ve shared their style tips. One says to try looking on eBay; lots of people sell their worn maternity clothes. You can get some great bargains and can always sell them on after you’ve worn them too! Another advises to re-look through your wardrobe: often baggy boho style tops are great for pregnant mothers as they have an empire waist line and float over your belly. If you are a second time mother re-using your last maternity clothes, you might feel a little deflated at the thought of wearing last year’s styles but don’t despair. Splash out on some new jewellery or accessories to dress the outfit up. The best thing about it? Even after you’ve given birth, all the jewellery will still fit!

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